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Armor of God

Soldier : Soldier
Friends : Friend-1, Friend-2, Friend-3, Friend-4,
Enemies: Enemy-1, Enemy-2, Enemy-3

(Soldier dressed-up in a military uniform, wearing bathroom slippers and holding his loose pants, comes to the stage.)

Friend-1: O, you look so funny in this dress, Soldier!

Soldier: .Why funny? I don’t think it is so funny. I am a Christian Soldier and am going to fight the evil.

Friend-2: Fight the Evil? O my God, What made you to take such a decision?

Soldier: Don’t you remember what our Sunday school teacher taught us in the last session? “Be good soldiers of Christ”. I want to be a Christian soldier and I want to fight the evil of this world.

Friend-3: Just like this? Without even a Gun? (every one laughs)

Soldier: I am very brave and strong. (Shows his muscles) I know Karate, Judo, Kubudo (action) and many such things.

Friend-4: O no, Soldier, all these things are your own efforts, which will never help you to win a Christian war.

Soldier: I am a Christian and every Sunday I go to the Church and even I attend the Sunday school.

Friend-3: But have you ever read about the Armour of God mentioned in Ephesians 6?

Soldier: Armour of God? No friends, can you tell me what that is?

Friend-4: I will read it for you. (Opens the Bible and reads Eph. 6. 14 – 17)

Soldier: But where will I get all these stuff?

Friend-1: It’s all available right here, Soldier. (Turns to the friends) Friends, bring a set of God’s Armour for Soldier.

Friend-2: Just a second!

(Friends enters, each carrying a belt, helmet, breast plate, shield, sword and a pair of shoes and place them over the table)

Soldier: Wahh! You mean I should wear all these stuff?

Friend-1: Yes, Soldier. If you want to be a good Christian warrior, you should. But before you wear any of these, we would like to explain its use.

Soldier: Tell me fast. I am already late. I want to go and fight!

Friend-1: The first item is the Belt of Truth. (Soldier looks at his pants) Without this your pants will be loose always! The spiritual meaning is that, without truth in your life you will always be ashamed before God and men.

Friend-2: The second one is the Breastplate of Righteousness. If you are righteous, God will protect you from the dreadful arrows of the evil.

Friend-3: The third Armour is the boot, which is the readiness that comes from the Gospel. It is essential for a Christian warrior to walk properly in this world

Friend-1: Now comes the forth one, which is the Helmet of Salvation! This is the most important Armour. It can protect your life from the attacks of the evil.

Friend-4: The fifth one is the Shield of Faith. If you have faith in God, it will protect yourselves from the enemy’s attacks from all sides.

Friend-1: (Takes the sword and swings) Hey, until now you were watching all the defensive weapons. Here is the Sword of Spirit, which is the only offensive weapon among God’s Armour. With this sword, which is the Word of God, you can defeat all your enemies! (keeps the sword back)

Soldier: No No.. I don’t think I need any of these. I have this dress, which shows that I am a Christian Soldier. And I think this is enough for me! Let me go and fight with my enemy.

Friend-2: At least wear this belt of Truth. Your pant is very loose!

Soldier: No need, no need. I will hold it with my hands.

(Holding his pants with one hand and showing his might with the other, Soldier moves towards the other side of the stage)

(Enemies slightly show-up)

Enemies: Come on Mr. Christian. Join our group. We have a lot of fun for you.

Soldier: Join your group! I came to fight with you!

Enemies: Fight with us? Ok ok.. let’s see that.

(As Soldier advance, the enemies make some vulgar sounds- Soldier stops and runs backward leaving his hand from the pants. The enemies points at Soldier’s pants and mocks him)

Friend-3: O, you are back again? Did you fight with your enemy?

Soldier: (holding the pants with both his hands) I was about to fight with them, but my pants…. Anyhow, please give me that Belt.

Friend-1: This is why I told you to take this belt. With the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist you will never be ashamed before your enemies.

Soldier. Thanks Friend-1, let me try this. (Takes the belt from Friend-1 and buckles it)
Ah! my hands are free now, I can fight with both my hands!

Friend-4: Now that you have the belt of truth with you, please take this breastplate also, Soldier.

Soldier: I don’t think I need any other weapon. I am now a Christian soldier with the belt of Truth around my waist. This is enough for me to fight with my enemies. Bye.

(Soldier moves forward)
Enemies: Ah you are back to fight against us? Now you will see more!

(The enemies shoot their arrows. Soldier runs back. The enemies mock at Soldier)

Soldier: Hi Friend-2, please give me that breastplate also. They were shooting at my heart!

Friend-2: That’s why we told you to take this breastplate of righteousness. (Helps him to wear the breastplate).

Friend-3: Now because you are righteous God will protect you from all the arrows of the enemies.

Soldier: Thank you friends, now they will see who am I!

Friend-2: Soldier, take this boot also. You will need this.

Soldier: No need.

(Soldier again moves forward, on the way he finds that his slipper is broken, holds it up and shows to Friend-2)

Enemies: (Points Soldier and laughs.)  wonderful Christian!

Soldier: Did you curse me Friend-2? My slipper is broken. Please give me that boot.
(Friend-2 gives Soldier the boot)

Friend-4: This boot reminds us of the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace. Gospel is the only thing, which connects us with this world.

Friend-2: Wherever we go, this boot should leave its footprints.

(Soldier wears the boot)

Soldier: Very nice! Now I can walk safely. Thank you Friend-2.

Friend-3: Soldier, you still do not have the most important thing with you. Why don’t you take this helmet of salvation also?

Soldier: This is too much. I am a Christian soldier with the Belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. I also wear the boot of Gospel! I think this is more than enough to fight the evil. Let me go.

(Soldier moves towards the enemy.)

Enemies: Again you are here? O, you have a breastplate now; we will give you another shock!

(The enemies throw stones over Soldier’s head. He keeps his hand over his head and runs back. The enemies start mocking him.)

Soldier: Its true! What you said is true! The enemy is always aiming at my weakness. I had no breastplate; they shot arrows at my heart. Now when I wore the breastplate, they started throwing stones at my head!

Friend-1: That’s what we said without the complete Armour of God you would never win the war. Friend-2, please give him the helmet of Salvation.

Soldier: Please give me that shield also.

Friend-2 : Sure (Friend-2 gives him the helmet and the shield. Soldier watches the helmet carefully)

Soldier: Why only the helmet is red in color?

Friend-3: The helmet of salvation is made from the blood of the Lamb of God. That’s why it is red in color.

Soldier: (Wears the helmet) Now I must be looking very smart! Isn’t it?

Friend-4: Yes, now anyone will realize that you are a real Christian soldier.

Soldier: (checks his helmet with both hands) I don’t know whether it will fall down when I walk!

Friend-1: Never. That’s the specialty of this helmet. Once you are in the helmet of salvation, it will never leave you.

Soldier: Let me try with this.

Friend-3: Since you have taken all the defensive weapons, why don’t you take the Sword of God’s Word also?

Friend-2: Without the Sword of God’s Word, you cannot advance in your war.

Soldier: No Friend-2, I am already heavily armed. I don’t want to carry a heavy sword all my way. Even without that I can easily win the war.

Friend-3: Good Luck, Soldier!

(Soldier move towards the enemy showing his muscles. )

Enemies: O, where did you find this funny helmet? (Laughs)

Soldier: It is not a funny thing! It is the helmet of salvation. Now you cannot do anything to me!

Enemies: You better leave all these stuff and join us, otherwise we will show you..

Soldier: I will show you!

(Soldier tries to catch the enemies with his hands. The enemy makes some violent sound and at last pushes Soldier back)

Soldier: Help! Help! (The enemies mocks the soldier. Soldier walks back tired and week)

Friend-3: What happened Soldier? Why are you so sad and tired?

Soldier: They, they almost killed me! They are many in number and are very strong. Can you people also come with me to fight the evil?

Friend-2: Soldier we are very sorry that we cannot help you to fight your war. You have to do it yourself. You better take this Sword of God’s word and practice it.

Friend-4: But we will definitely pray for you, Soldier.

Soldier: Then give me that please!

Friend-1: Sure Soldier, we are now happy that you have accepted the full set of God’s Armour. (Friend-1 gives the sword to Soldier)

Soldier: O, this is very light; I thought it might be a heavy one. But it is very sharp. Now I will show them.

Friend-4 : Before you go to your enemies, please practice using it.

Enemies: Look! he is coming back with a big sword! What shall we do now?
(Soldier move towards the enemy swinging the sword. The enemies start screaming. Soldier defeats all of them and brings to the middle of the stage.)

Soldier: You were right friends, without the full set of God’s Armour I couldn’t do anything. I thought I was a Christian soldier by just wearing the dress. But now I have experienced the importance of God’s Armour in my life. Thank you so much friends.

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