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Participants: Captain: Jeswin; Air hostess: Rebecca; Ground staff: Joana; Booking clerks: Anita, Sujin; Porters: Noble, Alwin; Passengers: Manisha, Stephanie, Jibi & Joel
 (Background: Airport check-in counter: Anita & Noble on duty-In the queue: Manisha, Stephanie, Jibi, Joel)
 [Announcement: Gulf Air announces the departure of its flight no. GF 270 from Abu Dhabi to Cochin. Passengers are requested to proceed for immigration clearance and security check. Thank you]
 Anita: yes madam, please come; which Air line you are flying in?
 Manisha: It’s Gulf Air to Cochin
 Anita: Please give me your ticket and passport (gives their passport and ticket)
 Noble: Do you have any luggage?
 Stephanie: No, only this hand bag. We are going back to our college.
 Anita: Good, less luggage- more comfort 
Stephanie: (to Manisha) Manisha the Christian life is also like a travel; the Bible says, “let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that easily beset us, and run the race that is set before us”
 Manisha: yes, there is a song in Malayalam which says “Bhaarangal eruvathinu onnum venda yathrayil” It is easy to travel without much luggage.
 Stephanie: madam, I would like to have a window seat
 Anita: Let me try .. Ok here it is .. your seat Nos are 15A & B
 Stephanie: Thank you so much. (turning to Manisha) Thank God, we booked for Gulf Air; I heard that today’s Air India Express is cancelled.
 Manisha: Cancelled? Why do they trouble the poor people?
 Stephanie: They are concerned with their profit only. If the flight is not full, they will cancel it and club two flights together.
 Manisha: But the Bible says “Let your Yes be YES and your No be NO”
 Stephanie: I don’t expect it from Air India; but at least from the believers 
Manisha: Stephanie, the Immigration counter is not open
 Stephanie: come, we will wait there till it opens
 Noble: Next passenger please…
 (Jibi comes in)
 Noble: Put your luggage here
 (Jibi places a big carton on the desk)
 Noble: Not here man..
 Jibi: then where?
 Noble: put it on this weighing scale
 Jibi: Sorry sorry..
 Noble : Which air line you are flying in?
 Jibi: Sunami…..Sunami
 Anita: Sunami? I have never heard about such an Air Line!
 Noble: Madam, it is the nick name for Air India Express!
 Anita : Air India Express? Hold on…Let me check first.
 Noble: Do you have a hand bag also?
 Jibi: Yes, only two
 Noble: Don’t you know that only one is allowed? 
Jibi: Yes -Yes, only one luggage, other one -my shappadu – Angu vare vishannirikkan pattumo saare?
 Anita: I am sorry Mister; today’s Air India Express is cancelled.
 Jibi: Today Mafi flight? Why- Moncy uncle in same- same flight?
 Anita: No, it is cancelled.
 Jibi: how you cancel?  I – buy- ticket – 3 months – now you say cancel - I want to go today…
 Anita: I don’t know why they cancelled it, Anyhow I’ll call the Air India staff. (speaks over the phone) Madam, can you please come here?
 Jibi: My God, How I go? tomorrow is wedding my sister!
 Noel: You..take this luggage and please move… next passenger please..
(Joel comes in)
 Anita: Which Air Line Sir?  
 Joel: It is the Gulf Air.
 Anita: Thank God! You are Lucky
 Jibi: This is a not-good erppadu! I also paid kash for the ticket
 Joel: Madam, is my flight on time?
 Anita: Yes, It is. Please put your luggage there
 Joel: If you are in such a hurry why can’t you buy a ticket for Gulf Air?
 Noble: Yah, this flight is also for Cochin
 Jibi: I have no-any money –maafi fulooz saar.
 (Joana comes in)
 Joana: What is the matter?
 Anita: This passenger is screaming on us because of your flight
 Joana: I am extremely sorry sir, due to some technical problem we had to cancel the flight.
 Jibi: Madam., I – was –attend to my sister marriage, you know? Shaadi, Kalyanam?
 Joana: I told you mister, today’s flight is cancelled; please come tomorrow.
 Jibi: OK mafi flight, You- cancel ticket- and give-my money
 Joana: I am sorry about it, you can’t get a refund; we will credit your account
 (Sujin & Alwin comes in)
Anita: Our duty time is over, we are leaving now (Sujin & Alwin takes over)
 Sujin: Who is Joel?
 Joel: It’s me! 
Sujin: Here is your boarding pass.
 Joel: Thank you madam, please do something for him also. 
Sujin: What can I do for him?
 Alwin: It is none of our business; if there is a flight we will take his luggage.
 Joel: May be it is not your duty, but you can at least find a way to solve his problem
 Jibi: (to Joana) Please madam, I –going – marriage- my sister tomorrow.
 Joana: I have told you in English, that I can’t do anything. Can’t you understand?
 Jibi: O- English ariyamayirunnengil pinne gulfilottu varumayirunno? 
Joana: please come tomorrow.
 (Jeswin & Rebecca walks in)
 Jibi: (to Jeswin) Sare, sare please help sare. Please saare,
 Jeswin: What happened? How can I help you?
 Rebecca: Man, if you have some problem speak to the ground staff. We are already late. 
Joana: His flight is cancelled and I have told him to come back tomorrow.
 Jibi: Saare please, I want - go my wedding-sister tomorrow, please ttake me also..
 Rebecca: (to Joana) if you can’t solve this problem, call the security
 Joana: Man, if you don’t stop screaming, I will call the security staff.
 Jeswin: wait, let me talk to him. Which Airline you are traveling?
 Jibi: Sunami…
 Jeswin: Sunami?
 Alwin: It’s Air India Express. And it is cancelled as usual!
 Jibi: Saar please help me!
 Jeswin: Madam, do you have a seat in my flight?
 Sujin: Yes sir, we have; but only on cash payment.
 Alwin: And this man doesn’t have any money with him; whatever he had is in this carton.
 Jeswin: Not to worry, I can understand his problem. I will redeem his ticket so that he can by a ticket in Gulf Air (opens his wallet and pays the money)
 Rebecca: The captain has redeemed your ticket so that you can attend your sister’s wedding. (jibi gives the money to Sujin)
 Jibi: saar, how I thank you ? you…very good man! You - real man!
 Rebecca: Sir, I don’t think you know this man before; why are you helping him?
 Jeswin: Yes, some one must pay the price to help this poor man. I have done it because Christ Jesus has done the same to me.
 Sujin: Christ helped you? Can you explain that please?
 Jeswin: I was destined for eternal hell but Jesus Christ has redeemed me from there. He died in my place so that I can have an eternal life.
 Joana: What do you mean sir?
 Jeswin: Because of sin, the whole human race deserved to be eternally separated from God. Man had literally sold his soul for a few fleeting pleasures of this life. But because of the grace of God, Jesus through his death - paid the ransom and saved the mankind from eternal death.
 Rebecca: Yes, Apostle Peter says that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish or defect.
 Joel: The Bible also says, “For there is one God, and One Mediator between God and men- Christ Jesus; who gave Himself a ransom for all”
 Joana: Captain, I remember an old hymn- "Redeemed - How I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb; His Child and forever I am." 
Jeswin: Come on, let’s sing it now

Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
Redeemed through His infinite mercy,
His child and forever I am.
 Redeemed, redeemed,
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb;
Redeemed, redeemed,
His child and forever I am.
 Redeemed, and so happy in Jesus,
No language my rapture can tell;
I know that the light of His presence
With me doth continually dwell.
 I think of my blessed Redeemer,
I think of Him all the day long:
I sing, for I cannot be silent;
His love is the theme of my song.
I know there’s a crown that is waiting,
In yonder bright mansion for me,
And soon, with the spirits made perfect,
At home with the Lord I shall be.


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