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Birthday Party

Mother, Birthday Girl, Brother, Friend-1, Friend-2, Friend-3, Neightbour-1, Neightbour-2, Neightbour-3, Neightbour-4

(Birthday Girl had invited her friends for her birthday party and arranged everything for them. Birthday Girl and Mother are waiting for the guests to come)

Birthday Girl: Mummy, I wonder whether these cake and cookies will be enough for the party.

Mother: Yes honey, I am sure these are more than enough. And even if we need more, I am here. You don’t have to worry.

Birthday Girl: Thanks mum. Brother, where did you keep those candles we bought last day? I want to keep everything ready.

Brother: I don’t know. It is your birthday. You go and search.

Birthday Girl: Mummy, tell Brother to find those candles for me.

Mother: He will do that. But where are your friends?

Birthday Girl: Yes, Mum, I was also thinking the same thing, it’s already 6 O’ clock. Not even one person has turned up.

Brother: Did you tell them that you have only these cookies?

Birthday Girl: What’s wrong with cookies? I am giving cakes also.

Brother: Nowadays people will come only if you order something from Pizza Hut or KFC or at least from the Favorite Restaurant.

Mother: Brother, it’s not a wedding party. These things are enough.

(The door bell rings and the Birthday Girl opens the door)

Birthday Girl: hello, Friend-1, welcome to the party.

Friend-1: Thank you Birthday Girl, But

Birthday Girl: But what?

Friend-1: I am very sorry; I cannot come to your birthday party tonight.

Birthday Girl: Why, what happened?

Friend-1: I am going for shopping with my Dad.

Brother: Going for shopping now? Why can’t you go after the party?

Friend-1: O no, the shops will be closed if I wait for the party.

Birthday Girl: What is so urgent, Friend-1?

Friend-1: My Dad promised me to buy something special for me. Please don’t feel bad. Good night.

(Birthday Girl comes back angrily)

Birthday Girl: Let him go for shopping or wherever he likes. I have so many other friends.

Mother: What happened Birthday Girl?

Brother: Mummy, the first wicket gone! (shows action with his cricket bat)

Birthday Girl: Mum, Friend-1 is not coming. He is going for a shopping now.

Mother: don’t worry Birthday Girl. Let us wait for others.

Brother: You should have invited my friends also.

Birthday Girl: It’s my birthday and I need my friends only.

(Again the door bell rings. Birthday Girl goes to the door)

Friend-2: Hello Birthday Girl, how are you today?

Birthday Girl: I am fine. Come in Friend-2, its time for the party.

Friend-2: Birthday Girl, I want to tell you something.

Birthday Girl: Friend-2, everything is ready here. Please come in quickly.

Friend-2: but Birthday Girl, please excuse me for today.

Brother: You are also going for shopping?

Friend-2: No Brother, I have some program in my school.

Birthday Girl: Now ?

Friend-2: Yes, I will definitely pass by tomorrow. Bye.

Birthday Girl : What is wrong with every one?

Brother: One more wicket! Ha ha ha..

Mother: Now who is not coming?

Birthday Girl: That Friend-2! She is always like this. She promised to come last year also and the last moment she turned away.

Mother: Don’t worry honey. We will wait for others.

Brother: Is there any one left?

Birthday Girl: O, waiting waiting and waiting. How long should I wait?

Mother: Be patient Birthday Girl. God is teaching you patience.

(The doorbell rings again.)

Birthday Girl: Now what? Hello Friend-3, Come in.

(Brother takes some cookies for himself and hides behind and walks out)

Friend-3: Good evening Birthday Girl.

Birthday Girl: Good evening. Why are you standing there?

Friend-3 : Well, I want to tell you something.

Birthday Girl: O, You want to tell me that you are not joining the party, isn’t it?

Friend-3: Yes, but how do you know that?

(Brother walks in.)

Brother: Hi, Friend-3, Hi Friend-3, Where are you going?

Friend-3: O that’s secret.

Brother: What secret do you have? You always have some sort of excuses.

Friend-3: Not this time Brother, I have some programme in school.

Brother: I know, I know. You are going for cricket

Friend-3: No Brother, the match is already over. Bye Brother, we will see you later.

Birthday Girl: I know that none of my friends are coming for the party. Every one has some excuses. Anyway thanks for informing. (sobs)

Brother: Two more wickets? All in one over?

Mother: (goes near Birthday Girl to console her) Birthday Girl darling, please don’t cry. You are a child of God. The worldly friends may leave you but we have a good friend called Jesus Christ whom we can trust always.

Birthday Girl: (sobbing) What wrong I have done to them? I was always very kind to all my friends.

Brother: How many friends do you need? Just give 1 Dirham each. I will bring as many as you want.

Mother: God has a purpose for everything. Just believe that whatever comes in your life is for the good.

Birthday Girl: Mummy, how can I believe it simply, we have arranged all these food. And how can we simply throw these out and believe that it is for the good.

Brother: Don’t worry about the cookies, I will handle it. And the cake also.

Mother: I have a good idea.

Birthday Girl: What’s that? Tell me fast.

Mother: Why can’t you go out and make friendship with the children who are staying around us?

Birthday Girl: But mum I don’t know any of them.

Mother: You don’t have to. Just call them for the party. I am sure they will be more than happy to celebrate your birthday with you.

Birthday Girl: OK Mummy I will try this now.

(Birthday Girl now calls children from the audience.) Hello pretty girl, can you come to my house today? It is my birthday and we will have a party together.

Neightbour-1: Birthday party! I will definitely come (comes to the stage. Mother welcomes them)

Birthday Girl: Hello dear, today is my birthday, please come to my home for a party.

Neightbour-4: O great! I am coming.

Birthday Girl: O my little friend there, Will you come for my birthday party?

Neightbour-2: Yes dear, I will bring my friend Neightbour-3 also.

Mother: Come on children, Welcome to the party. Let’s start the happy birthday song.

(all friends gather around the table. BGM on… ‘Happy birthday to you..’ )

Mother: Birthday Girl, are you happy now?

Birthday Girl: Yes Mum. Now I have real good friends to celebrate my birthday.

Mother: This reminds me about something which God has done for us

Neightbour-4: What is that Aunty?

Mother: God had chosen the people of Israel to be His own and to worship Him. But the people of Israel turned away from Him.

Neightbour-2: How did they go away from him?

Mother: God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ as their savior. But do you know what they have done to Him?

Neightbour-1: Yes aunty, they have crucified him.

Mother: Exactly, Therefore God invited the ordinary people like us to be his children. John 1: 11 says “He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him. Yet to all who received Him he gave the right to become children of God. Let us thank God for his wonderful love.

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