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Return of the Prodigal son


Jeswin  -  Father

Noble - Elder son

Alwin – Prodigal son

Jibi – Servant1

Joel- servant2

Kitchen staff: Anita, Sujin, Rebecca, Joana Susan, Manisha, Stephanie, Dona

(The father is sitting in front of his house, looking to the distance. His servant stands near assisting him.)

Jeswin: O my God, when will he come? I can’t live without my son. (bows his head and prays – then looks above) O my God, if only I could see him before I die!

Jibi : Master, God will hear your prayers and I am sure one day our son will be back.

(Father walks out looking for the son. The elder son (Noble) comes to the scene -on his way to the farm)

Jeswin: son, where are you going?

Noble : Father, I am going to the farm.

Jeswin : don’t be late, this is rainy season and take your umbrella with you.

Noble: Yes father, I will just bring some vegetables from our farm.

Jeswin: on your way if you find some travelers, check with them about your brother.

Noble: check about that reckless man? Why should we? he is gone for ever and let us forget him.

Jeswin: no, no how can you forget him? He is your own blood.

Noble: may be, but he took his share and left us. Now we have no relation with him (goes out in anger)

Jeswin: O my God, keep him safe, Lord bring him back to me!

Jibi l: Master, yesterday someone told me that they saw somebody like him in a pig farm

Jeswin: pig farm! My God, what a disgrace to this family! He was like a prince here. But the devil cheated him.

Jibi: it was all because of his bad company. He was not regular for the Sunday school; instead he went to the clubs.

Jeswin: All attractions of this world are traps set by the devil. I have told this many times to my son but he did not listen.

Joel: (sniffs) Master, what’s that stink.. we were just talking about pigs.

(Father walks out looking for his son-suddenly finds someone coming, calls his servant)

Jeswin:  look who is coming

Jibi: yes master, let me put this (put on his specks and looks) Who is that?

Jeswin: Is it my lost son?

Jibi: Sir, I think he is a beggar; wait, I will handle him.

Jeswin: you- you just go and see who that is.

(servant goes out- finds the masters younger son- runs back closing his nose) my God, its him!

Jeswin: who ? what did you say?

Jibi: Master he is your… O what a stink!

Jeswin: He is what… tell me? Who are you?

Alwin:  Father, O father, (father goes closer)

Jeswin: My God, who is this? Is it my son? (Hurries toward the son and hugs him & kisses him)

Jibi : Sir you can kiss him later; let me take him to the car wash first.

Alwin : Father, I ….

Jeswin : O my son, My darling, where have you been all these days?

Alwin: Father, Father, I have sinned against God and you, and I am no more worthy to be called your son.

Jeswin: (closes his mouth with his hand and hugs him) O my son is back- thank you Lord for giving back my son! Thank you Lord!

Joel: sir, now I have to service you also..

Jeswin: look Mathai,..

Joel:  (closing his nose) Yes sir.

Father: take him inside; give him a bath and some good dress

(the servant goes with the son)

Jeswin: Thomma,

(Jibi comes in)

Jibi: yes Sir..

Father:  You go to the cow shed and take out that big fat ox and kill it; let us eat, and be merry.

Jibi: (calls the other servants)  Kochu Mariye…Thoshamme, Come fast; we are going to prepare a feast

Anita: What… what’s up here?

Joel: our master is happy to have his son back..

Sujin: why, you son is back?

Joel: yes he is; take that big fat ox from the cattle shed and give it to the butcher.

Rebecca: That big fat ox? What’s the matter?

Joel: Today we are going to have a beef festival-

Anita: Call all our people; we are going to prepare special dishes today.

Jeswin: Yes today we are going to enjoy; my son was under the devil’s control. Now I will never leave him. (Sits again on the chair)

(BGM starts. Servants bring vessels and vegetables for cooking. Starts singing while preparing for the feast. Father enjoys the song)

(Girls -             Stephany, Manisha, Joanna, Donna,  Anita, Rebecca & Sujin):

Shut the door, keep out the debil

Shut the door, keep the debil in the night

Shut the door, keep out the debil

 Light the candle everythings alright

 Light the candle everythings alright

Joel:    When I was a baby child

(Girls)   shut the door, keep out the debil

Joel:    Good and bad was just a game

(Girls)   shut the door, keep the debil in the night

Joel:     Many years and many trials

(Girls)    shut the door, keep out the debil

Joel       They proved to me they not the same

(Girls)     shut the door, keep the debil in the night

Jibi:        Oh, satan is an evil charmer

(Girls)     shut the door, keep out the debil

Jibi         Hes hungry for a soul to hurt

(Girls)     shut the door, keep the debil in the night

Jibi:        And without your holy armor

(Girls)     shut the door, keep out the debil

Jibi:        He will eat you for dessert

(Girls)     shut the door, keep the debil in the night

(The prodigal son returns well dressed)


Alwin:       My mama used to sing this song

(Girls)       shut the door, keep out the debil

Alwin:       Poppa used to sing it, too

(Girls)       shut the door, keep the debil in the night

Alwin:      Jesus called and took her home

(Girls)       shut the door, keep out the debil

Alwin:       And so I sing this song for you

(Girls)       shut the door, keep the debil in the night

(The elder brother returns with some vegetables - Talks to one of the servants -Shows his anger – throws the vegetable bag – music & singing stops -Father comes to the scene.)

Jeswin: What is wrong my son?

Noble: Father what is all about this?

Jeswin: Your brother has returned –thank God- and we were preparing a feast to celebrate the occasion.

Noble: Father, I have been serving you all these years and never did I say a word against you.

Jeswin: yes dear

Noble: Still you did not give me a small lamb to enjoy with my friends. But when this irresponsible prodigal returned you have killed that big fat ox to celebrate!

Jeswin: Son, you are always with me and whatever I have is yours. But your brother was dead and now alive – so it was right that we should make merry.

Jibi: Behold what manner of love- what manner of love the father has bestowed upon us!

(Girls) That we – that we should be called- should be called the sons of God!

(BGM starts)

Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us

Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us

That we should be called the sons of God

That we should be called the sons of God

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