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Robot vs Sunday School Students

Participants:Teacher, Robot, Girl, Girl1, Girl2, Boy1 & Boy2

(Scene: Sunday school)

Teacher: Good morning children!

Students: Good morning!

Teacher: Do you want to learn a new chorus today?

Students: YES

Teacher: OK we will sing a very old hymn today. It is hymn no 92 Amazing grace..

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
was blind, but now I see.

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
and grace my fears relieved;
how precious did that grace appear
the hour I first believed.

(as the students sing the chorus, Girl enters along with a Robo t)

Girl: Good morning Teacher, I am sorry for being late.

Teacher: Good morning to you, but who is this new gay?

Girl: This is a Robo t that can speak and understand.

Teacher: A Robo t! For what?

Girl: He can remember all the verses of the Bible. And I want to learn the Bible with the help of this Robot.

Girl1: Can he speak?

Girl: Yes Girl1; If you allow him to join the Sunday school he would be an asset for our Sunday School.

Teacher: Wait. Let me check. What is your name?

Robot: My name is.. Robo t, my name is ..Robo t

Girl2: but this is a machine, what can we teach him?

Robot: I am not … just a machine. It can think the same way…. you think.

Teacher: ok, ok please come in and take you seats.

Robot: I can’t sit… I will stand

Teacher: Shall we continue our hymn?

Children: yes.

(as the children sing, Robot reads the song)

Teacher: Girl, your Robo t cannot sing the song, he is reading it.

Girl: Sorry Madam, he may not sing well. But he is very intelligent.

Robot: you did not give me a song sheet… yet I was singing.

Boy2: amazing! How could you do that?

Teacher: Did you hear this chorus before?

Robot: No.. no… I can read from your paper..

Boy1: hi girl, is he studying in a school?

Girl1: No dear, his brain is full of information, all information a human can have in his life.

Robot: I hate schools

Boy2: can I ask him some questions?

Teacher: That’s a good idea! We will test him.

Robot: Do you want to… test my strength? (shows his muscles)

Girl2: No no, your intelligence

Robot: I am ready… please start

Teacher: Ok, shall I ask you questions?

Children: Yes, madam.

Robot: I will also ask… questions.

Teacher: You can ask later; children, keep your Bibles closed.

Robot: ha ha ha… ha ha ha!

Girl1: why are you laughing?

Robot: ha ha ha… the Bible is in my mind.

Boy1: What do you mean?

Girl: Yes, the Bible is stored in his memory

Girl1: Anyhow let us see who wins.

Teacher: Are you ready? I am going to start the quiz now.

Girls: YES

Robot: you can ask ….any thing… Any time!

Teacher: the first question: Who was the..

Robot: David… David

Girl1: Well, she did not complete the question!

Robot: I can …. read from your paper.

Girl: Isn’t my Robot very smart?

Girl2: wow, how can we compete with this machine?

Boy1: I think he has a laser eye.

Teacher: hay don’t worry; (to the Robot) you turn back; don’t look here!

Boy2: I wish I could take him for my school exams!

Robot: I hate schools.. (turns to the other side)

Teacher: OK, All of you now listen to the next question:

Girl1: (to Robot , hay don’t look again)

Teacher: How many verses are there in the Bible?

Robot: (turns forward) 31,101 verses…783,137 words… 3,566,480 letters

Boy1: Waw.. how can we remember all these things?

Girl: He can count it any time.

Robot: Now I will ask.. the next question.

Teacher: Ok, but it should be from the Bible.

Robot: Ok.. Ok.. Name the car…. used by the Apostles?

Girl2: Car used by the Apostles? In those days there were no motor vehicles.

Robot: Wrong.. wrong ha ha ha..

Boy1: It is not mentioned in the Bible.

Robot: It is … it is.

Boy2: I have never read about a car in the Bible

Girl: You may not. Because you read only psalms, no?

Teacher: What is the answer, you say.

Robot: Accord… Accord ha..ha..ha

Girl2: But where is it written?

Robot: Acts 5…. verse 12 “they were with … one accord in…. Solomon’s porch”

Teacher: O, very smart! Do you have any more questions?

Robot: Yes.. yes; who broke the 10 commandments first?

Boy1: The Israelites.

Robot: Wrong.. wrong ha ha ha..

Girl2: Aaron .

Robot: Wrong..Wrong

Boy2: Then you say the answer,

Robot: Moses himself.. when he threw the tablets ha.. ha.. ha

Boy1: he is asking all foolish questions

Girl2: It’s our turn now…

Teacher: Yes you can ask him

Boy2: Ask him some hard questions

Girl1: Ok, listen the question- How can we be born again?

Robot: Error…error…. Logic error..

Teacher: What is the error in this question?

Robot: there is only … one birth. Next is death.

Teacher: Girl, your machine has only intelligence. No common sense.

Girl: Madam, he is not a born again Robot; that’s why I bought him here.

Robot: Tell me the answer… how can a man be born again?

Teacher: Girl1, tell him the answer.

Girl1: We must accept Jesus as our personal savior.

Robot: Accept… Jesus… savior…… logic error…

Girl2: Jesus died on the cross for the sinners

Robot (rotates) Error .. Error…

Boy2: And he rose again on the third day.

Robot: LOGIC ERROR… LOGIC ERROR …(moves forward and hits the wall. Walks without balance and stops)

Girl: Oh, what’s happening to my Robot!

Robot: I am dead! I need to be born again.

Teacher: See, he has good knowledge about bible, but cannot accept the truth in it.

Boy1: Girl, you said the Bible is stored in his memory!

Girl: Yes, but…. I thought he would believe it!

Teacher: He may have the whole Bible in his memory. But it is only by God’s grace any one can believe in Christ’s death and resurrection.

Boy2: God has given his grace only to the humans, not even to animals!

Girl1: We must thank God for giving us the grace to believe Him.

Teacher: Girl, you tried to study the Bible with the help of this machine. But it failed. Now try studying with the help of God’s Grace.

Girl: Yes madam, I will never go after the intelligence of this world. Please pray for me.

Teacher: This is what we sang a few minutes ago - about the amazing grace of our God. Shall we sing it again?

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
and grace my fears relieved;
how precious did that grace appear
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares,
I have already come;
'tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
and grace will lead me home.

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
was blind, but now I see.


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