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The Christian Clinic


Participants:Doctor, Attender, Three Groups of Patients & a Messenger

(Doctor comes to the clinic as his assistant greets him)

Attender: Good Morning Doctor!

Doctor: Good Morning Attender, how are you today?

Attender: I am fine doctor; we have only three patients for today.

Doctor: (takes his seat) Ok, give me the files.

Attender: (gives some papers to Doctor)  here, Doctor.

Doctor: (reads the first one)  call Mr. Mathew

Attender: (moves to the other side) Mr. Mathew, Mr. Mathew… please come.

Patient1: (comes in along with a helper) Good Morning Doctor.

Doctor: Good Morning Mr. Mathew, How are you today?

 Patient1:  I am NOT fine, that’s why I came to see you.

 Doctor: Well, what ails you, Mr.Mathew?

 Patient1:  Doctor, I can’t sleep. I have not slept for the last 2 days.

Doctor: Oh, Is there any worries, anything that gives you depression?

Patient1: I can’t remember any such things. I tried my own medicines but no use.

 Doctor: (stands up) come on, please lie down here. Let me check you.

Patient1: alright (attender helps the patient to lie down on the bed, Doctor starts checking. Worries about the abnormal heart beat sound)

 Patient1: What’s wrong, doctor?

 Doctor: (removes the stethoscope) O that’s unusual. My ears are breaking.

Helper1: Doctor, that is from his walkman!

Doctor: Walkman, where is it? ( helper1 removes the walkman, Doctor checks him again) That could have been the reason for not getting sleep. (Checks his eyes and tongue)

Group1-Patient1: You can’t find anything else Doctor?

 Doctor: I think his mind needs some cooling. Mr. Mathew, what about your family prayers?

Patient1: Family prayers! Yes we do it every day during the power cut.

Attender: Why During power cut?

Group1-Patient1: Because after that we watch our favorite TV serial.

 Doctor: But you should read the Bible and meditate upon it every day. Attender, please bring one Bible

Patient1: Doctor, I have enough books to read. I am now reading the latest Harry Potter.

 Helper1: Doctor please give some medicines to him, we have lot of books at home.

Doctor: (takes the book from Attender) This is a Bible, please try this book.

Patient1: Oh Bible! Ok ok… (Starts reading)

Doctor: This book can give you peace of mind and if you have peace of mind you can sleep very well. (Writes something on the file)

 (Patient1 reads for a while, yawns and falls asleep)

Attender: Doctor, your medicine worked so fast!

Helper1: I can’t believe this!

Doctor: Oh no, it worked the other way. I wanted him to read this and sleep peacefully. But the Devil doesn’t allow anyone to read this book.

Attender: Helper1, you can also read this book.

Helper1: Not now, not now. I will read it at home.

Doctor: Alright, please take him home. Tell him to read this book every day.

Helper1: Sure Doctor Thanks a lot. Come on Mathew, let’s go.

 Doctor: Who is the next patient?

 Attender: It’s Patient2 please come.

(Group2-Patient2 & Helper2 comes in)

 Doctor: How are you Patient2?

 Patient2: Louder, louder (shows action) I can’t hear well.

 Helper2: Yes Doctor, my brother can’t hear well. Please check him.

 Doctor: He can’t hear at all?

 Group2-Patient1: He can hear only what he talks; but can’t hear what others say.

 Doctor: Oh, that’s strange. May be he doesn’t want to listen to what others says.

Patient2: What are you gossiping about me?

Doctor: Since how long did you notice this problem?

Patient2: I beg your pardon (shows action)

Helper2: It’s only a few weeks.

Doctor: (stands up, checks his ears with a torch) I can’t see anything wrong. Anyhow, let me have another check. Attender, please bring that cassette player.

Attender: Just a minute Doctor (Brings one cassette player, with pre-recorded verses)

Doctor: (to helper2) we will see how far he can hear. (to patient 2) LISTEN TO THIS and tell me if you can hear this or not.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” Eph. 6:1

Group2-Patient2: WHAT? I can’t hear it.

Doctor: We will try the next. “Take life easy; eat drink and be merry” Luke 12:19

Patient2: it is very clear. I can hear that

Doctor: OK, try this one. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” Matt 7:1

Patient2: That was not at all clear. What was it?

Doctor: You can’t hear? Then listen to the next “My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches” Phil. 4:19

Patient2: It is very clear… very clear!

Helper2: I am worried whether he would be able to hear the trumpet sound of the Lord!

Patient2: Hey, you don’t bother, I will hear.

Doctor: Yes Group2-Patient1, if you are born-again, you will definitely hear the trumpet sound.

Helper2: Are you sure doctor?

 Doctor: Yes, I don’t really know

Patient2: Anyhow, what is your consultation fee, Doctor?

Doctor: O, it’s only fifty dirhams.

Patient2: What? I can’t hear (shows his ear)

(Doctor tells ‘FIFTY’ in Patient2’s left ear.)

Patient2: What? I can’t hear. Try this ear (shows his right ear)

Doctor: (Thinks a while and says in his right ear) “HUNDRED dirhams”

Patient2: Oh NO. The other one was better (shows the left ear again)

 Doctor: You mean you prefer that FIFTY?

Patient2: YES, YES. Helper2, pay Doctor Fifty dirhams. Let’s go.

 (Helper2 pays the money and leaves)

Doctor: Attender, some people will listen to only what favors them. They have good excuses for not listening to other commandments of Bible. Anyhow, you call the next patient.

Attender: It is Patient3. Shall I call him?

Doctor: Yes please.

Attender: Patient3, please come in.

(Patient3 comes in with helpr3)

Helper3: Good Evening Doctor,

Doctor: Good Evening, how are you?

Helper3: I am ok, but..

 Doctor:  tell me, what happened?

 Group3-Patient2: Doctor, my brother has chest pain.

Attender: Chest pain!

 Doctor: O, really? Can you explain what happened?

Patient3: Doctor, sometimes I have heavy pain over my chest.

 Doctor: Since how long?

 Patient3: It started very recently.

 Doctor: Do you smoke?

Patient3: No, not at all.

Helper3: Doctor, we made a check-up from the medical college and they have diagnosed three blocks.

Doctor: Three blocks! And what else did they say?

Jeffery: They have referred my case to you for a surgery. These are the reports.

(helper3 gives a file to Doctor. Doctor flips through the file)

Doctor: Don’t worry; I can easily remove those blocks through a minor surgery. Attender, prepare for the surgery immediately.

 (Attender brings some cotton, medicine scissors and a knife)

 Attender: Jeffery, please lie down here.

Doctor: Give him anesthesia.

 Attender: Ok doctor. (gives an injection) Ready.

 (Patient3 stands up without showing any effect of the sedation)

 Doctor: Why is he not getting sedated?

 Patient3: I am worried about my rubber sheets. It is lying outside and it may rain.

Doctor: Don’t worry, you can go soon. Attender, try chloroform.

(Attender gives him chloroform to Patient3)

Attender: I don’t think this will work even…

Patient3: Is it raining outside? O my rubber sheets.

Attender: Doctor, no effect for chloroform also.

(a messenger comes in)

 Messenger: (gasping) Excuse me Doctor, I want to tell something very urgent to Patient3.

Doctor: What happened?

 Messenger: A big hurricane hit our village.

 Patient3: Hurricane? Don’t tell me that it hit my rubber plantation.

Messenger: I am sorry Patient3, but it did.

Patient3: WHAT?

Messenger: And seven hundred rubber trees fell off.

Group3-Patient1: O My God! (faints)

Attender: Doctor, the patient has fainted!

Doctor: Fainted! Very good, now it is easy for me.. let me do the surgery.

(Doctor fixes his mask, cap, gloves etc. and starts the surgery; removes the shirt buttons, takes out a Pizza hut flyer with a forceps)

Doctor: See this was the first block. (Shows everyone)

Helper3: He was very fond of Pizzas

Doctor: The Bible calls such things as ‘lust of the flesh’

Helper3: Do you mean we should not eat such things?

Doctor: You can eat anything. Eat to live, but don’t live to eat. You must include the fruit of spirit in your diet to avoid the lust of flesh. Let me remove his next block.

Attender: God knows what is next.

Doctor: (continues the surgery and takes out an “entertainment” magazine from Patient3’s body.) See another stuff- “entertainment” (opens and shows to every one)

Helper3: O my God, all these things were blocking the flow of blood to his heart!

Doctor: Yes, this is called the “Lust of the eyes” Many think that this is not so dangerous. But see what happened here.

Attender: Doctor, remove the last block also before he wakes up.

Doctor: OK, Ok. (Checks again and removes “Real Estate” magazine from his chest) O, this one is very big (shows every one)

Helper3: What is that doctor?

Doctor: This book gives all information about luxury villas and apartments for sale. The Bible calls such things as the “pride of life”

Attender: No wonder he had chest pain.

Doctor: (buttons Group3-Patient1’s shirt) Attender, can you read 1 John 2:16 & 17?

Attender: (reads from the Bible) “For all that is in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God lives forever.”

Patient3: (wakes up. Jumps out from the table) Ah, I feel better now. Messenger, why are you here?

Messenger: I came to tell you about the hurricane. Did you forget everything!

Patient3: (recollects) O the hurricane- and my rubber trees- Kalli Valli. I am happy to get rid of my chest pain.

Doctor: Patient3, we removed all these things from your body. They were blocking the blood flow to your heart.

Patient3: (examines all) My God, all these were inside me! I can’t believe. Thank you very much doctor for saving my life.

Doctor: Don’t take these things again into your life. Read this Book every day. (Gives a Bible to Patient3) This is the manual of your body. It tells you how to live in this world.

(Turns to the audience) Dear friends, as illustrated in this skit, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are the major setbacks a believer faces today. A true Christian must get rid of all these malice. May our good Lord enable us to avoid all such evils and to live a Spirit filled life in the coming days! May His name be glorified!


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