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Participants : ( Doctor, Assistant, Patient1, Patient 2 and his son)

(Doctor enters, carrying a bunch of files, wearing a coat. Half-way through he freezes)

Narrator: This is Dr. Appukuttan, world renowned psychologist. Over 2500 patients have come to him with their problem during the past one years. A very God-fearing person, he uses rather unique techniques to help his patients. He’s not yet married - a good candidate for marriage proposal.

Doctor: The clinic hasn’t opened yet? Where’s Kunjappa?

Narrator: Kunjappa- Appukuttan’s brother. Due to recession, he couldn’t find any other job than as Appukuttan’s assistant. His weaknesses:No.1 blabbing No2, always thinks about food..

(Assistant comes running in and slams into doctor)

Doctor: Where are you looking and walking?

Assistant: Sorry doctor. (Brushes doctor’s coat)

Doctor: Just leave me. By the way, why are you so late? Don’t you know the clinic has to open at 10am sharp?

Assistant: Sorry doctor. My kids missed the school bus and I had to go and drop them. Then came a call from my wife- she need money for shopping! So  I rushed back to the house just to give her money. Then……

Doctor:  enough enough…. Really you did go some where, no? Where were you, in KFC?

Assistant: Me?? In KFC ?. Its too early and I don’t like that stuff now a days !!

Doctor: then what is this chicken smell?

Assistant:  O that……..Sir……..I…..

Doctor: oofff enough. Just tell me how many patients we have today.

Assistant: One minute sir (checks files), there are two patients. Shall I call in the first one?

Doctor: Yes, of course. We’re already late and I have church today evening.

Assistant: (Goes to the end of the room) Mr. Antony, Mr. Antony. The doctor will see you now.

Antony: (Comes in talking over a mobile phone and freezes half-way)

Narrator: This is Mr. Antony. President of Buslung Foods, married, with two wonderful kids. One would think life is easy-going for hi, but it’s just the opposite. Otherwise why should he come here!!!

Antony: Finally!!!!You know how long I have been waiting here?

Assistant: I’m very sorry sir. See the problem was, I had to drop my kids at school…..

Doctor: Oooffffff!!!!! You and your story. I’m sorry sir. Please sit down…..and tell me, what seems to be the problem.

(Phone rings)

Antony: Could you hold for 1 minute?

Doctor: Sure. No problem.

Antony: (Picks up the phone)Hallo…ya….ya…..I’m sorry but im busy right now……ya…..ya……ya please call me later…..ya….ya……ok bye…..(Keeps the phone down)I’m sorry doctor. What were you saying?

Doctor: As I was saying….(phone rings again)

Antony: I’m sorry doctor…..(picks up the phone)

Assistant: O you are totally busy today!

Doctor: Keep quiet.

(Antony cuts the phone)

Antony: Sorry about that doctor.

Doctor: Its ok. But can you switch off the phone for some time?

Antony: 1 second. (Takes out phone, switches it off, and keeps on table)

Doctor: So…….. (Antony takes second phone, repeats above. Takes the third one and does the same)

Assistant: how many phones you have? Can I get one?

Doctor: quiet… (Looks at Antony). Can I ask you why you have soo many phones?

Antony: See doctor, I am a very busy person. I am the president of Buslung Foods. I get orders from around 50 customers everyday. I don’t even have time to spend with my family. But nowadays I feel restless. I don’t know what’s wrong. I earn over 80,000 dhirams a month. I have everything I need: I-phone, blackberry, 52 “ widescreen TV, I even have an audi R8. And still I’m not happy.

Doctor: Aaahhh I see what your problem is. You are suffering from a severe case of lugubrious syndrome.

Antony: What??

Assistant: LU-GU-BRI-US. That means….

Doctor: You!!!! (looks at assistant then continues),what I meant is you are too much worried about the worldly things. Don’t think you can get happiness with all these worldly things. Pay more attention to Spiritual things. As it is written in Colossians 3:2-“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

Antony: Isn’t there any medicine for this? I mean like some tablet or syrup?

Doctor: No need of medicine for this. All you need to do is spend more time with God. Come to church more often. I assure you, it will help you.

Antony: Thank you doctor (gets up and leave).

Doctor: Kunjappa, call the next patient.

Assistant: Sar, its time for tea break!!!!

Doctor: Ooofff. Just now you ate nah!! Wait, call the next patient.

Assistant: Hmph. What to do, I don’t have any other job! Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas. The doctor will see you now.

(Mr. Thomas comes walking in and freezes)

Narrator: Meet Mr. Thomas, a pretty old man. Still in 19thCentury…. Always in disagreement with his son Kevin

Mr. Thomas: Good morning doctor.

Doctor: Good morning Mr. Thomas. (Looks in the file) isn’t Mr. Kevin supposed to be with you?

Mr. Thomas: Oh yes. Kevin is my son. He met his friend……1 hour ago. Aahh I can hear him coming.

(song starts. Kevin comes into the room, freezes)

Narrator: Mr. Kevin, s/o Mr. Thomas. Also known as DJ Flame. What’s the problem here? Find out.

Kevin: Yo man. Wazzap……… (Turn the chair to the opposite direction and sits)

Mr. Thomas: DA!!! Show some respect to the doctor. And why are you sitting like that? Sit properly!!!

Kevin: Come on dad. That’s old school. If doctor doesn’t have a problem, what’s wrong with how I sit? That’s my style yo.

Mr. Thomas: You see doctor. This is why I came. He just does what he feels like doing.

Kevin: Yeah right. It’s better than what you do anyways.

Mr. Thomas: What do you mean? What wrong in what I do?

(Kevin gets up)

Kevin: Well just look at the way you’re wearing your pants.

Mr. Thomas: What’s wrong with my pants?

Kevin: You know where the pants are supposed to be? They are supposed to reach the waist, not way above the stomach.

Mr. Thomas: Well just look at your pants. It looks like it will fall down any minute. (Reaches for the pants, Kevin moves away and pulls it up). And look at your hair. Is that even a hair style?

Assistant: correct... looks like a porcupine!!

Doctor: Da. You keep quiet...

Mr. Thomas: And look at the way he wastes money. Every day he spends like 100 Dirhams at least.

Kevin: Oh come on dad, just 100 bucks only.

Mr. Thomas: You know, when we came here, we just spent 10 dirhams a day. We used to have khupoos (arbic bread) and curd. But look at him. Everyday he goes to KFC. He doesn’t like what we make at home.

Kevin:  You see dadiyo…..

Mr. Thomas: Don’t call me dadiyo.

Kevin: Fine fine. You see DAD, you know what’s the price at KFC nowadays? For 1 Mighty Zinger its 19dhs. Then Krusher is 9dhs. So for lunch and dinner its 60dhs already.

Mr. Thomas: No. its 56dhs.

Kevin: Fine fine, 56dhs. Then at Cold Stone…….

Mr. Thomas: What’s Cold Stone?

Kevin: You donno what’s cold stone? Its just like baskin robbins. You know, the desserts there are way better than baskins robbins. So 20dhs for that.

Mr. Thomas: 20 Dhs!!!!!! Just for 1 ice cream? You get ice cream for 1 Dh from Fatima Super Market, no?

Keven: That’s old school dad. No one buys those anymore. So anyways that’s like 75dhs. Then for taxi and breakfast, that’s like around 15dhs.

Mr Thomas: So that’s 90 dirhams. What about the rest?

Kevin: Ummm…..errr…….dats for……..ermmm…….TITHE!!!

Assistant: Tithe?

Kevin: Yes, tithe, I pay it regularly…

Mr. Thomas: Aiada!!! You see what I mean doctor? He has excuses for everything.

Kevin: What excuses? I’m telling the truth.

Doctor: Fine fine, I’ve heard enough.

Mr. Thomas: Doctor, tell me. What should I do about him? We bought up him as a precious child... every day watching his growth..

Doctor: Hmmmm. As far I can see, both of you have cyclo-phyclo-phonia.

Mr. Thomas: whats that? A new phone ?

Assistant: Its not a Phone ….CYCLO-PHYCLO-PHONIA. That is….

Doctor: DAAA!!!!! (Looks at assistant) what I mean is that you both think that you are right about everything. Mr. Thomas, you are not looking at Mr. Kevin’s point of view. We were all once his age nah. Those days even we used to be just like him, except for the porcupine style and all. These are all just for the time being. He’ll change soon don’t worry.

Mr Thomas: That’s true but….

Doctor: And Mr. Kevin, you are not looking from your dad’s point of view. Just imagine if your dad comes to meet your friends in lungi. You would feel embarrassed nah! That’s the same way for your dad when you put spikes or act like this. Not only that why do you spend so much money?

Kevin: I told you doctor…..

Doctor: I know, I know. But why do you want to eat from KFC everyday?

Kevin: So are you telling me to eat from Pizza Hut?

Doctor: No what I mean is, we as Christians need to lead simple lives here on earth. I’m not asking you to eat khuboos and curd everyday. And I’m not telling that you should not eat KFC at all. Why not have dinner with your family? It will make your parents happy.

Kevin: OK OK I’ll try to do that.

Doctor: As it is written in Ephesians 6:1 “Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right”. And in verse 4 “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, instead bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord”. Instead of thinking that you are right, you need to think from each others point of view.

Kevin and Mr Thomas: OK. Thank you. (Leaves)

Assistant: My God, all finished. At least I can go and eat something...

Doctor: Oh! What is this Kunjappa? Why are you like this? Always thinking of eating.

Assistant: But, doctor you only told him, look from others point of view. So look from my point of view nah.

Doctor: Oooofff. OK Ok, come, we’ll go now. (Leaves)

Narrator: This is only an illustration of many incidents that happen in Christian families these days. The older generation sticks on to their habits and think that whatever the new generation does is wrong. They even try to mold their children into the same way   where they where bought up. At the same time the newer generation tries to adopt the style of their non-believing peers.  One must try to distinguish between the bad and the good and adopt whatever is good for the glory of God. May God help us to do so in the coming days!

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