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Bored and Nothing to do

 Participants: About8-10 Sunday school students, ages 12-16

                     {All of them sitting around and talking; sounds bored}

Sheba:           Aren’t you all tired of same old thing every Sunday?

Caroline:        Sure am! They won’t take us anywhere or let us go by ourselves either.

Tom:              You can say that again. All they want us to do is to distribute tracts.

Jimmy:           Last Sunday James Uncle wanted to go back to airport to give out tracts.  Again.

                      I told him “no count me out”

Jerry:              Did you tell him that to his face? What did he say?

Jimmy:           What  could he say. We do the same thing over and over. Not just that no one even look

                        at it.

Sneha:           (One of the older girls) Come on guys-give them a break. Jimmy how do you know no one reads the tract?  When you give out 100 tracts if it helps one person, isn’t it worth it?

(Everyone is quiet for a minute)

Danny:           Why can’t we do something else for a change? Like go to a basket ball game or a concert

Debbie:          One of the youngest student) I have an idea! The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town. Why don’t we ask James uncle to take us to it? Or ask Sunny uncle to take us.

Michael:         Cool idea. I have never seen a circus. Can we ask the please..please? We will tell the teachers that we are going to give tracts.

Sneha:           That is double standard. The church won’t allow it, I don’t like it, but most of all God will not be pleased.

Jerry:             Calm down Mother Teresa! We get the message.

The rest of the students together: Yeah Mother Teresa we get it.

Lisa:              Sneha is right you know. We are children of God. We cannot go anywhere and everywhere. Ps.1:1 says”      How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!”

Sneha:           Instead of complaining why don’t you come up with a good plan and present it to them?

Michael:         Like what?

Lisa:              Let us all, the whole church go to the beech next Saturday.

All together:   Been there

Lisa:              Well then what about visiting a nursing home with some cookies, we can sing some songs. Won’t that be fun?

All together:    Done that.

Sneha:           I got it! On July 4th  we can go to the park and have a picnic there, Bar-b-q, games, boat riding all the fun things.

Jimmy:          What is the catch?

Sneha:           No catch. When its all over will have a bible study and invite a few people from the park.

Lisa:              We can offer them some food and then talk about the love of God

Jerry:             Now that is the smartest idea I’ve heard all day. Let’s do it.

A stranger walks in. Well dressed, smiling.

Stranger:       “Hi my name is Raj. Don’t you all remember me.”

Some from the group: No sorry. How do you know us?

Raj:               Two weeks ago I was on my way back from visiting my parents, at the airport one of you gave me this tract I took it to get you off my back. (Pulling out a tract from pocket). On the way to my apartment in the taxi, we were stuck in traffic. So I pulled it out and started reading it.

Debbie:          Then what happened?

Raj:               In short. It saved my life.

Caroline:        Saved you life? How?

Raj:               You see, I am from Los Angeles. I wanted to get away from my parents so I purposely applied to the university here in Houston.

Sheba:           What did your parents do that was so bad that you had to get away from them?

Jerry:             Quiet girls let him talk. No more interruption from any of you. Go on Raj.

Raj:                It is Okay, I don’t mind. Both my parents are doctors. We have everything. A big mansion, luxury cars, more than enough money, but no peace of mind. My parents are always fighting. They argue about who makes the most money, who spends more time in offices, who has the fanciest car, you name it. I couldn’t take it any more.

Caroline:         What are you going to do now?

Raj:                Well I thought, when they see me after few months may be they’ll stop arguing. Dad wants me to be a doctor, Mom wants me to be in research, I don’t want to do either They went on as usual arguing and fighting.  I was so tired of all this mess, I wanted to end my life. I even had a plan. But God had another plan for me. I read that tract over and over about ten times. Every time I read it I felt like God was telling me He has a plan for me. I just don’t know what it is.

Lisa:               Wait on the Lord, He will show you clearly what He wants you to do. Meanwhile read the bible, starting with the Gospel of John. Do you have a bible?

Raj:                No. Can any of you give me one?

Jimmy:           Here take mine. I am sure you will have some questions when you read it, Please call and ask. If I don’t know the answer I sure will find it for you.

Raj:               Thank you all very much. Distributing tracts at the airport is wonderful and life saving act. God Bless you all (Leaving)

All who complained about tract giving: Lisa and Sneha, we are very sorry. We will never ever

again complain about distributing tracts. Imagine that! God used that one little piece of paper to save someone’s life. Not only that, we are not bored anymore



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